2019-03-01: Requirement for an Appointment of Authorized Representative/s

Effective Monday 04th March 2019,we will only be allowing authorized representatives of our customers to enter and transact with our Billing Office.

You are all required to immediately submit to SPICTL Finance Department an appointment letter of

your authorized representatives along with their identification cards for initial registration.

In your appointment letters the following details must be supplied:

  1. Full name of the Authorized person/s.
  2. Extent of Authority given to such person/s(e.g.submit documents,collect draft invoices and/or gate pass).
  3. Valid identification cards(preferably government issued).
  4. Signature of person giving authority.

SPICTL Finance will NO LONGER¬†allow customers to¬† use “Runners off the street” to collect their draft invoices or make payments.

This practice will no longer be allowed and customers that fail to comply will not be served.

Please be guided accordingly.

For questions,feel free to contact Rowel Esteban on Moblile:71900818 or Email:rowel.esteban@spict.com.pg.

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